Case Study: Skid-Lift LLC.
From Napkin to Field”


Skid-Lift LLC. develops new scissor lift skidsteer attachment, resulting in faster and more flexible work equipment.


Skid-Lift llc. is a leading skidsteer scissor lift manufacturer providing companies with faster and safer equipment solutions. Skid-Lift is the first scissor lift that attaches to a skidsteer on the market. The idea for the machine came when one of the co-owners was working on a construction site and knew there was a better way to complete exterior projects instead of using scaffolding. Over the past 2 years Skid-Lift has developed a solution to constantly moving scaffolding with there innovative skidsteer attachment. Ran with the use of the skidsteers hydraulics the Skid-Lift adds versatility and efficiency to any job site. Paired with a skidsteer the skid-lift can easily go where all terrain scissor lifts have never gone before.


  • Product Development: Being a completely new product to the market the equipment development added a layer of research and testing
  • Cost and Efficiency: To be competitive Skid-Lift must create a product that has significant advantages compared to similar products in the market


  • Preformance Capabilities: With a 30” wide by 8 foot long deck and a 20foot  vertical lift the skid lift stands up to the competition
  • Simplistic Design: Using basic control levers and hydraulics the skid lift is extremely user friendly.


  • Increased Efficiency: Compared to using scaffolding or ladders the skid lift can reduce the amount of time it takes to move between areas of the project
  • Safer Work Environment: With a large working platform and harness tie offs the skidlift adds another level of safety to working on the job site
  • More Mobility: While pairing the skid lift with a skidsteer being able to use a scissor lift in tougher terrain has never been easier