Beveled Sweeper Attachment with Sheet Metal-Top

Beveled Sweeper with Sheet Metal Top


The beveled sweeper is a great year-round tool. With an 84 inch width, the beveled sweeper will help clear snow and debris from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. The sweepers have a manual angle up to 30 degrees and are equipped with a stand to protect the bristles while not in use.

  • 50/50 poly/wire combo
  • 26” brush diameter
  • Floating brush
  • Equipped ready to use with hoses and couplers

Additional Information


84 inches

Sheet Metal Cover Thickness

7 gage

Frame Support

4×4 inch square

Brush Diameter

26 inches

Swing Angle

30 degrees

Opening Pressure of the Safety Valve in Hydraulic System

2611 psi

Operating Flow

24-40 gallons/minute


925 lbs