Rock Bucket Attachment for Skid Steers

84″ Rock Bucket


Skeleton style rock buckets are ideal for sifting and sorting out rocks and large debris while allowing the dirt to fall through. A curved shaped pocket helps keep the rocks in the bucket for optimal use. It is a great attachment for agricultural, construction and landscaping work.

  • 5/16” thick x 2 3/8” tall tines
  • 3” tine spacing
  • Gusseted tines
  • A36 Grade Steel
  • 2600 lbs rated load
  • Open design/Low Profile for increased visibility
  • Back-dragging can prepare a seed bed
  • Excellent for rooting

Additional Information


84 inches


18 inches


30 inches

Frame Tubing

3×3 inch square

Side Plate Thickness

5/16 inch

Tine Width

5/16 inch

Tine Height

2 3/8 inch

Rated Load

2645 lbs


463 lbs